Wednesday, February 23, 2011

World Especially Bonkers Today...

Wow, lots of disturbing news today mostly concerning humanity's steadily increasing lack of class, respect, and general intelligence.

EVIL: Moviegoer killed in screening of 'BLACK SWAN' over popcorn...400-pound woman attacks roommate -- for eating her cookies...New Yorkers Plagued By 'Sidewalk Rage'...More Than Half Of Pets Overweight, Obese...
Please take a moment to watch the first video link on YouTube "Denny fight" [no longer available]. And watch it all the way through even though it makes you cringe and turn your head away at the insolence of all the people involved.

Now, are we, as human beings, so apathetic that we will sit quietly, stone-faced, while a fight ensues about 1 foot away from your face (and your water glass?). Now, I used to believe that the fluoride in the water or the Prozac or cellphone EMFs didn't completely zap all life and awareness from the human consciousness; but today I am convinced. It has been an incremental medication (mentally and physically) pushed on us by the doctors (pill pushers), main stream media, etc., to turn us into the epitome of the Brave New World populace drugged with soma.

I know that you, reader, are thinking, "Now I wouldn't just sit there as those imbeciles fought over maple syrup 5 inches away from my face!" But... I bet you would. You wouldn't want to interfere...maybe you're too scared of catching one of the punches... or drawing attention to yourself in a crowded restaurant... Maybe you're sitting there thinking of all the things you could say to interject but by the time you draw the courage, the fight is already over.

I challenge you, whomever you are: Don't be afraid to a real human being. Eventually, if we all turn into the mind-controlled zombies shown in this video all hope will be lost of ever regaining true freedom in this country. If we can't stand up and say something when we're in the middle of something as stupid and infinitesimal as a fight in a Denny's, how will we ever stand up to the banks, wall street, big government who are robbing us blind every single day?

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