Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bulletin from the MOT (Ministry of Truth)

When I comment on YouTube videos concerning Muslims, Islam, etc. I often come upon the statement that Islam (Arabs) created the mathematical concept "Zero" and preserved tomes and tomes of knowledge and history, thus helping the free world continue on the spectacular path to the Enlightenment and Modern Society. This is completely false.

From Vox Popoli: A history lesson originally written by John Wright [OP]:

"Within twenty-five years after the death of Mohammed, the southern and eastern reaches of the Byzantine Empire, all Christian lands, and all fertile, were reduced by terror and sword to a wasteland. Te Jewish colonies of Yemen were conquered. Libya and much of Egypt to this day retains this character. All seven of the Churches mentioned by name in the Book of Revelation were conquered.

The Mohammedanism, like the Stalinism who came later, demand history be abolished, and are responsible for the burning and loss of nine tenth of the known lost ancient manuscripts of history. The destruction of the Stone Buddha statues in Afghanistan, or the famous museum in Babylon, was not a mistake or the act of some odd extremists: it is a central part of mainstream Sharia. Christian churches and relics are destroyed whenever they fall into Mohammedan hands: to this day, the Church of Saint Sophia in Constantinople is used as a mosque, in triumphant mockery of the defeated Christians.

You have no doubt heard that there was a Golden Age of Islam, where Muslim scholars preserved the works of Aristotle and the ancients, invented the zero, or made great strides in astronomy and mathematics. This is all an outrageous lie, the precise opposite of the truth. There were certain Spanish scholars, mostly Jews and Christians, conquered by Muslims, but who preserved the ancient texts despite the Muslim program of destroying them. The Byzantine Empire preserved what we have of ancient learning, and scholars fleeing the downfall of one Byzantine theme, province, or city after another in the relentless onslaught of Mohammed reintroduced them into the West. The Moslems not only were not the preservers of the knowledge of the ancient literature, they were the main force destroying it."

For further reading, The Closing of the Muslim Mind is an excellent in depth history of the two factions of Arab philosophical thought and how the fundamentalist Ashar'ite sect triumphed, thus preventing Islam from embracing Logic, Science, and Philosophy.

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