Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cultural Marxism: Converting "Dissidents"

"We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn towards those that disagree with us." - Lenin


Robert Jay Lifton, studied the dynamics of POW brainwashing in the Korean War and in Chinese camps. He identified a sequence of 10 factors that would reliably break down the personality and rebuild it in the image of the brain washers (Cultural Marxists, today). As a thought experiment, think about the idea of supposed "White Guilt" and "Institutionalized Racism" that is being pushed right now as a "fact".

1. Assault on identity - It's wrong for whites to have any white "pride" or be proud of European heritage because of capitalism, slavery, and colonialism. All positive accomplishments are negated.
2. Guilt - Constantly remind whites about the horrors perpetrated by the colonialists & slave owners in America's past and blame them for poverty and crime in minority communities.
3. Self-betrayal - The person begins to accept the guilt from being constantly reminded of it and surrounded by others who have already confessed.
4. Breaking point - The person finally succumbs to the mental assault and horrible feelings of guilt. They will do and say anything to relieve the pain.
5. Leniency - Now the person has suffered and agonized long enough, they deserve a short reprieve. A reward for suffering.
6. The compulsion to confess - The person is supported by the community to "come out" and "own" his/her "guilt" and be accepted.
7. The channeling of guilt - It's "noble" to admit guilt and now they see it in others.
8. Re-education, logical dishonoring - The person is now taught Critical Race Theory as fact, and embrace the illogical education they previously rejected.
9.  Progress and Harmony
10. Final confession and rebirth 

I don't believe it can be any clearer than that.  We can now use this model to examine the way Progressive Cultural Marxists have pushed "Sexism", "Islamophobia", "Homophobia", "Xenophobia" and "Racism" as mental and psychological disorders.  Now, we all know there are small percentages of people who do truly hate, but it's ridiculous to claim it as a country-wide and world-wide psychological problem.

If you dare to dissent and deny that these problems exist as endemic, you WILL be labeled as a thought criminal and mentally ill by the Cultural Marxists.  They will lie, ridicule, slander, insult, and scorn you until your courage wanes and your dissident spirit is broken. Then they will attempt to use the 10 brainwashing tactics to reform you, because they believe you to be pathologically deranged.

We have to know that these, along with Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" and the Cloward-Piven strategy are being used at every single point, every aspect in life by these insane Marxists that want to "Fundamentally Change" America as we know it.  Once you see how they do it, and see behind their "tolerance" and "diversity" double-speak, you will understand this is a fight for the very soul of America and its people.  We must continue to be mentally strong and resilient in the face on non-stop attempts to break our spirit and relinquish our core virtues, values, and morals (even the Law & Constitution).

To a logical Libertarian conservative or just a regular person who values personal freedom, wants to be left alone, respects others choices and doesn't want to "change" anyone's belief system and thus is not in the thrall of the "progressive" mindset, this mentality is frightening and dangerous.  To us, we think, "Who in their right mind could want to police peoples' very thoughts? Who desires more control over peoples lives? How can they not just see and understand the facts I'm presenting"  Below is a review of the book, The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.

"For years I have tried to discuss rationally with liberals/socialists. The only result I could get was to doubt my arguments, no matter how solid they were, because reason didn't seem powerful enough to move them. I could see that the liberal agenda was economically unsound and even against the basic facts of human nature. Just when I was giving up any possibility of ever understanding the liberal mind and its irrational assaults on reason and human nature, I came across Dr. Rossiter's book.
For the first time I could confirm a long held impression that liberals have some problem in their way of thinking. The Liberal Mind convincingly states that what appears to be just normal people worried about real social and political problems is in fact a neurosis which manifests itself in trying to manipulate those who just want to live their lives autonomously and cooperatively by attacking their freedom. Dr. Rossiter gives a complete description of signs, symptoms and causes of this neurosis. And a didactical one, for he emphasizes and repeats key concepts all through the book, so that when introducing new concepts the fundamentals are never out of sight.

Anyone who still understands man as an autonomous and cooperative being must read this book. The Liberal Mind is a wonderful guide through the sophisms the liberal neurosis creates in the mind of those affected by it, even if the liberal agenda has already dominated the mentality of almost a whole country. "
These are people who literally want to control what you choose to think and do, while at the same time claiming they are the "tolerant" ones, fighting for the freedoms of the oppressed, poor, and minorities.

The Liberal Mind is the first in-depth examination of the major political madness of our time: The radical left’s efforts to regulate the people from cradle to grave. To rescue us from our troubled lives, the liberal agenda recommends denial of personal responsibility, encourages self-pity and other-pity, fosters government dependency, promotes sexual indulgence, rationalizes violence, excuses financial obligation, justifies theft, ignores rudeness, prescribes complaining and blaming, denigrates marriage and the family, legalizes all abortion, defies religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions. Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. Given its irrational goals, coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda's madness. Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of the foundations on which ordered liberty depends. Only an irrational man would want the state to run his life for him rather than create secure conditions in which he can run his own life. Only an irrational agenda would deliberately undermine the citizen’s growth to competence by having the state adopt him. Only irrational thinking would trade individual liberty for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency. Only a madman would look at a community of free people cooperating by choice and see a society of victims exploited by villains. [From The Liberal Mind; The Psychological Causes of Political Madness by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., MD]

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